A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

My first LD! And essentially first time creating a game that is mostly playable & original. Lots that I would like to improve but hey! Its playable now so I'll submit it to compo despite desperately needing music and better UI!

A top-down shooter revolving around a Movement-form / Fighting-form shapeshift mechanic and a create-more-badguys-to-get-more-points mechanic.

Currently controller-only! If you aren't on windows AND using an xbox360 pad then you may have to set the controls in the Input tab in the launcher.

I've now uploaded an updated version that shouldn't violate any of the post-jam-update rules. Basically just ease of life stuff, made the obstacles grey, made sure the controls work properly etc.

Move with left stick
Press 'X' to place new spawner (points!)
Press 'B' to shapeshift into combat mode (This has a 10 second cooldown, displayed in bottom right)
Shoot with right stick
Press 'start' to reset the level

Let me know how you do!

Note: The source project requires use of the PolyNav2D project in unity, which I used for pathfinding. Sorry!

Install instructions

Unzip & run the executable :)

If you aren't on windows and using an xbox360 gamepad you may have to set your controls in the 'Input' tab in the launcher.

Note that the Linux version is untested.


Updated HARVESTRONv2 @ajhc_.zip 44 MB
HARVESTRONlinux @ajhc_.zip 14 MB
Original HARVESTRON @ajhc_.zip 44 MB
HARVESTRON_source @ajhc_.zip 50 MB

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